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Bevali left her corporate early career job in 1989 to pursue her interest in holistic health and well being. During 1994 to 1996 she travelled extensively throughout Europe where she undertook training in Reflexology, Iridology, and Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Indian head massage and Nutrition. She opened The Healing Centre in Clapton, Hackney in 1996, which was a 7 room holistic centre offering counseling, meditation, and nutrition to clients from across London, as well as people referred from two local GP practices.The centre closed in 1998 due to leasehold issues.


Around this time Bevali realised there was a need for more intensive programmes, so started to organise Holistic retreats, to India, Spain, UK, branching out to offer also Women only and Vegan Life Retreats. Responding to the needs of her clients and local people, Bevali later added family retreats, provide mentoring and support specifically to enable parent and children in their relationship, space to explore and bond. She has seen great outcomes in the health of individuals and families. She holds great testimonials from clients that have been in her care.


In 1998 Bevali worked with the YMCA in Hornsey to develop their Exercise to Music programme. She also led Circuit training and Meditation sessions.


Bevali's work with families and children led to her opening The Right Track Afterschool club in 2006, which was renamed Bubblegum in 2013. Bubblegum passed three OFSTED inspections, being rated GOOD.


It was a much-loved facility, providing support to over 40 young people per session and 1-1 support for children in school hours (Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park), and running Community events. Bevali continued to provide Mentoring and intervention programmes working with young people locally.


Bevali is proud to have worked with hundreds of children from preschool to graduation!


In 2019 Bevali returned to her studies, taking a course in living food and nutrition with The College of living Nutrition of which she gained a Diploma in Living Nutrition and is now a living food practitioner specialising in living nutrition, healthy lifestyle, tonic herbs and longevity.  


Since 2019 Bevali has been working as a Project Manager, with recent roles as peer to peer mentor at the Godwin Lawson Campaign inTottenham, mainly, intergenerational projects and young peoples intervention at ACLC and the Cassandra centre, Norbury. 


In 2019 Bevali co-founded Code1 Community Group a social action group working to empower the community from the young to the old.  When the COVID 19 struck, Bevali quickly helped to organise a food distribution centre, feeding up to 400 people a day.



Dee Buchanan is the founder of DB Coaching; an organisation passionate about coaching to help others make positive changes in their lives, increase their wellbeing and discover their best self. Dee works with both adults and young people in groups and on one-to-one basis to empower her clients to reclaim their power, find their own answers, identify meaningful goals and challenge any roadblocks to improve their lives. Dee is a Certified Life Coach from The Coaching Academy™ with extensive experience in the Educational sector as a Teacher & School Governor, providing services as an Education Consultant, Mentor, Tutor and Leadership Coach. DB Coaching has partnerships with: The Tottenham Charter, Haringey Council and Metropolitan Thames Valley.



Paul Mckenzie is a professional Public speaker, life coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Youth worker and public corespondent.

Paul has enjoyed changing the lives of hundreds of people over the last 15 years. After leaving the role of a solicitors account manager Paul became more in tune with working with people that were less fortunate than himself, by volunteering in several youth enrichment programs that targeted young people that were seen as disadvantaged. His role as a mentor in a primary school motivated him to pursue a broader approach to tackling challenging behaviour. 

With signs of serious youth violence spanning back almost 2 decades, Paul focused much of his time engaging young people on a street level. His core belief is that "the behaviour is never the real person". This approach has earned him respect in his local community and communities spanning across London.

After much deliberation, Paul decided to turn his attention and pursue his ultimate passion, which was to design projects that aim to support and develop the youth in particular within this community. This gave birth to the concepts of Super You Academy, a youth education program, that offered after school motivational workshops free to children that were at risk of offending.

He also went on the create Soap Box Real Talking Inspiration a platform designed to provide a space for individuals within the community to express their brilliance, speak their truth and encourage the lives of others.

This is achieved by producing short powerful films that highlight specific issues and capture the unique essence of everyday peoples stories. These messages are shared internationally and contain inspirational, thought-provoking material and reach out to the heart of the community. The power behind these messages lays in the community-based individuals that use their stories to motivate others. These testimonials are often used in schools and colleges to inspire local people every day.

Paul believes that within every community there are people hidden that have the ability to be Super Hero's and by that he means GREAT

  • Veronica started out writing stand-up material and comedy sketches for TV shows  ‘BLOUSE ‘N’ SKIRT (BBC 2) 1998 and 'THE 11 O/C CLOCK SHOW' Channel 4 1999, with Ricky Gervais. Her drama experience includes Story-lining for top TV serial ‘CORONATION STREET’, and she has been shortlisted for both the Disney ABC Writing Fellowship Program, and the Nicholls Fellowship. 

Veronica completed the Producers Certificate at UCLA, and was a script analyst for Essential Entertainment, Shoreline and Gold Circle films. Through Reel Brit Productions she's produced several shorts including 'THE LAST SUPPER' (2011), ITSY (2017).
Feature documentary 'UNDER YOUR NOSE' (2016) about UK Black LGBTQ+ history, screened at the V&A, Tate Modern and universities worldwide.
​'MONICA LOOSE ON A CRUISE' screened at BFI Flare 2019. Feature 'NINE NIGHTS' won the Pan African Film Festival Narrative Feature Director Award 2019, and was nominated for an African Academy Movie Award. 


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1. Start that Netflix series you’ve been wanting to watch forever.⁃ There are tons of shows and movies on Netflix, delve deeper than just the top suggested shows and movies and discover something new.

2. Try Netflix Party.⁃ If you’re tired of watching Netflix alone, try downloading Netflix Party. It’s a free Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch shows and movies with your friends with a live chat in your own private party.

3. Learn a new skill.⁃ Start learning a new language, learn how to play an instrument, study a subject you’ve always wanted to know more about. You’ll probably never have this much time again!

4. Work out.⁃ Gyms are closed but that doesn’t mean your workouts have to stop! There are thousands of workout routines on youtube that you can do from the comfort of your home. Working out can also help release stress and calm anxiety.

5. Have regular FaceTime calls.⁃ It can be very weird not seeing any of your friends and loved ones when you are used to seeing them every other day. Thankfully we live in a time where we’re more connected online than ever! Check-in and chat with the people you miss.

6. Keep up to date with your assignments.⁃ It can be hard to stay on top of your school work and assignments right now, but instead of procrastinating, get them out of the way! Once they’re done, you don’t have to worry about rushing them right before you return to school/college.

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